RadioScope By Elliot Poger


Executive Summary

The RadioScope is a handy new piece of electronic test equipment which I have created as my quarter project for EE 281 at Stanford University in Fall 1996. At its core is a Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller, on a M68HC11EVBU Universal Evaluation Board.

It is a digital storage oscilloscope which is readable from any computer (or other device) connected to the Internet. I have built two World-Wide Web interfaces to the device, but the device is accessible from any program which uses the standard UDP packet format over the Internet.

The RadioScope is connected to the Internet using Metricom's Ricochet radio network. This feature allows the RadioScope to be placed in locations which are dangerous for or inaccessible to humans or other test/analysis equipment, and yet the inputs can continue to be sampled and the data retrieved from afar. The RadioScope has no built-in data display or sampling controls, so a Metricom radio must be attached (and a control program must be running on some other computer or device) for the RadioScope to function.

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Feedback on this project is appreciated.